According to research, the past couple of decades has shown a steep rise in the statistical data count of single people, many of whom have come to rely solely on dating apps for their romantic endeavors. This shift has led to a commodification of love, where it’s all too easy for users to treat other human beings as mere objects, similar to collecting baseball cards or trading stocks. 

How to stand out and get lovely Sydney escorts who will keep you company when the competition is tough? If you’re wondering how to be more than just another profile picture on an app, here are some tips about the desirable traits of men who typically find themselves at the receiving end of women’s affections. 

Men Who Respect Women

Women want men who respect them. Women prefer to be taken care of by their partners, even if they are independent. If a man doesn’t respect his woman, then there may be trouble in paradise down the road. 

Men who are confident but not arrogant are more likely to make good partners because they take responsibility without being controlling or domineering.

Men Who Have A Sense Of Humor

The men that females love to be with are the ones who make them laugh. A sense of humor can be sexy and attractive, especially when used correctly. It’s also something that both men and women appreciate in potential partners. 

Men Who Are Good Listeners

Listening is a skill that takes practice. It’s not just about hearing words but understanding their meaning. And it’s not just about being present but showing empathy through your body language and facial expressions as well.

Of course, there are some situations where listening isn’t as critical, like during small talk with staff. It might be okay to zone out while they speak to make the conversation smooth and comfortable. 

But if someone has something serious on their mind, like how much they hate their job or how worried they are about losing weight, then actively listening will help them feel understood by a listener who cares about them enough to put aside their own needs for theirs at that moment.

Sexy woman relaxing on a sofa.

Men Who Are Passionate

If you want to attract a woman, it’s important to show that you have passion. They like seeing how passionate someone can be about their work or hobby and enjoy spending time with these types of people because they know they will always have something interesting to talk about.

A common trait among women who find themselves attracted toward certain types of men is their ability for selflessness. Examples would be whether it’s giving up something important as part of some greater cause like donating blood and helping another person out when no one else will. These acts show us how much compassion each individual has within themselves which makes us feel comfortable around them.

In Conclusion 

Remember, it’s not just what a man may look like or their financial status that makes them attractive. It’s also their personality, how they carry themselves. and how they pay attention to people.