?ept?µ??e?e? t?? ?????

????µ?? ?????: 257258

??????µ?? ?????: RESTORE

??t??? ?????: ??e??a se St?at?????? ?fa?µ???? ??a t?? ?p?st????? t?? as?e??? µe d?af??et??? e????? p????e?s? ?a? ???ssa, se d??f??e? µ???de? ???t?ß??µ?a? F???t?da? ??e?a? t?? ????p??

?µe??µ???a ??a????: 01/04/2011

?????e?a se µ??e?: 48

??d???? ???s?? s?et???? µe t? ??µa: HEALTH.2010.3.1-1: Better understanding of dissemination and implementation strategies. FP7-HEALTH-2010-two-stage

??e??e?e? ???e?? ??e?d??: ?p?st?µ? efa?µ????, normalisation process theory, st?at?????? s?µµet?????? ??e??a?, ??e?a µeta?ast??

?a??ta e??as?a?

To s??d?? d??s?? t?? ????? pe???aµß??e? ??t? (8) pa??ta e??as?a? (??) p?? est?????? se d?af??et??? ??µata:

?? 1: ??????s? & ??a?e???s? (Management & Admin)
??t? t? ?? est???e? st?? ???a??t??? d?µ? t??
RESTORE se 3 ep?peda:

  • ? epaf? µeta?? t?? s??t???st? ?a? t?? ????pa???? ?p?t??p??
  • ? s???????? s??t???sµ?? ?a? d?a?e???s? t?? ????? se ep?ped? S??t???st???? ?p?t??p??
  • ? d?a?e???s? t?? ????? se ep?ped? ?a??t?? ???as?a?

?? 2:??pa?de?s? (Training)
St???? a?t?? t?? ?? e??a? ?a e?pa?de?se? t?? eta????? ?µ?da ?a? t??? e?e???t?? st? ?e???a
NPT ?a? st?? PLA p??se???se?? ?a? te??????.

?? 3: S??e?t???t?ta (Coherence)
? st???? a?t?? t?? ?? e??a? ?a p??sd????se? µe t??? ??????????? eta????? p?? a?t??aµß????ta? t?? ?ate????t???e? ?d???e? ?a?/? t?? e?pa?de?t???? pa?eµß?se?? p?? ????? s?ed?aste? p???e?µ???? ?a ?p?st??????? t?? ep????????a se d?ap???t?sµ???? s??ed??e? µe est?as? st? ????, t? pe??e??µe?? ?a? t? d??at?t?ta efa?µ???? a?t?? t?? ?ate????t????? ?d????? ?a?/? e?pa?de?t???? pa?eµß?se?? st?? ?a??µe???? ???? e??as?a? t???.  

WP4: G??st??? s?µµet??? (Cognitive Participation)
? st???? a?t?? t?? ?? e??a? ?a p??sd????se? µe t??? ??????????? eta????? t??? pa?????te? p?? p??????? ? eµp?d????? t?? eµp???? t??? st?? e?pa?de?t???? pa?eµß?se?? ?a?/? st?? ?ate????t???e? ?d???e? p?? e?t?p?st??a? st? ?? 3.

?? 5:S?µµet????? ???s? (Collective Action)
? st???? a?t?? t?? ?? e??a? ?a p??sd????se? µa?? µe t??? s?µµet????te? t?? t??p? µe t?? ?p??? ? pa??µßas? t?? ?p??a s?ed?asa? ap? ?????? ?a? s???p???a?a? (st? d????e?a t?? ??3 ?a? ??4) ep??e??e? t?? ?a??µe???? t??? e??as?a.

WP6: ??ta?a??ast??? pa?a???????s? (Reflexive Monitoring)
? st???? a?t?? t?? ?? e??a? ?a p??sd????se? µe t??? s?µµet????te? p?? a?t??aµß????ta? t?? pa??µßas? µet? ap? t?? efa?µ??? t?? ??a ???sµ??? ??????? d??st?µa.

WP7: ?????s? ????t???? & ?ate????t???e? ?d???e? (Policy Analysis & Guidelines)
? st???? a?t?? t?? ?? e??a? ?a p?a?µat?p???se? µ?a ????????µ??? a????s? p???t???? ??t?µ?t?? st?
RESTORE ?a? ?a d?aµ??f?se? ??e? ?ate????se?? se ep?ped? ????pa???? p???t????.

WP8: ?????s? (Dissemination)

? st???? a?t?? t?? ?? e??a? ?a p?????se? e????? ?a? ap?te?esµat??? st? e??? ????? t? ???s? t?? RESTORE ?a? ep?s?? t?? p??a?? eµp????? a???p???s? t?? ap?te?esµ?t?? t?? ?????.


???????? p??sd????sµ?? t?? ?a??t?? ???as?a? ?a? t?? s???st?s?? t???:
?????aµµa GANTT