Women are attracted to men who have a drive for something. They are infinitely more interested in a man who is passionate about his work as an artist (even though he might make less than $30,000/year) than a guy who makes more but is so disengaged with everything in life.

1. They’re passionate about you

A woman will be attracted to a man who shows her passion. That doesn’t mean she wants him to gush all the time, but she’ll be interested in knowing that he is passionate about her.

She’ll also be interested in a man who has empathy. She wants to know that he cares about her feelings and thinks about what she’s saying.

She’ll want a man who believes in himself and knows what he wants from life. She’ll also want a man who is confident without being an egomaniac. Be careful not to fall into companionate love, where you become too comfortable and act more like roommates than lovers. This will kill your relationship in the long run. Passionate love is intense, but it also requires commitment and work.

2. They’re passionate about life

In a world filled with shallow and ditsy 20 somethings it’s refreshing to meet someone who is genuinely passionate about life. Women are drawn to men who set goals for themselves and work towards them. It fulfills her need for significance and is a major turn on for most people.

Passion doesn’t have to be grand or earth shattering, but it is a fervor for an activity or goal that motivates you. When you are passionate about something it’s a natural inclination to think about it often, learn more, and seek out opportunities to engage in that activity.

Show her that you have a lifelong passion and she will love you for it. She’ll want to see you engage in your interests and socialize with your friends because she admires your zeal.

3. They’re passionate about their career

When women hear “passionate” they want to see a man’s dedication to his career. They want to know that he will put his all into whatever project he is working on, no matter the obstacles. This could be something as simple as making it to an event during a snowstorm or as complicated as reorganizing a presentation at the last minute.

A woman wants to be able to introduce him to her group of friends and have him be a part of their conversations. She wants to be able to talk about her career and be impressed by his knowledge. She wants him to be proud of his work and the way he treats other people at work. Passionate also means knowing your worth and standing up for yourself if you are treated unfairly.

4. They’re passionate about their family

Women want to see that a man’s passion goes beyond his career or hobbies. They’re interested in knowing if he’s passionate about his family and how he makes time to spend with them.

Women tend to gravitate towards men who are humorous. A sense of humor is attractive because it demonstrates that you can laugh at yourself and don’t take yourself too seriously.

Compassionate love, or companionate love, is often the more enduring form of love in long-term relationships. It’s when you truly care about your partner, support them through the good and bad, and share a deep sense of intimacy. It also fulfills several of the Six Human Needs, including significance, variety and giving. This type of love is the foundation for a healthy, happy relationship.

5. They’re passionate about their friends

A passion for your friends is a big turn-on to women. They want you to be happy in your own social circle and they love the idea of having a partner who loves her friends, too.

You can do this in a number of ways, like hanging out with them on the weekends or taking your friend up on an invite to a party she’s hosting. Just be sure that you don’t get too overbearing. It’s not cool to be clingy or needy and that’s one of the biggest turn-offs to men.

Women also admire men who are sensitive and don’t play it too safe. They’re drawn to guys who show they care about her, whether it’s by saying “I love you” or by expressing their feelings in other ways that are just as meaningful.